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How to Block a Contact via Junk Folder in Outlook?

Blocking a contact is necessary whenever the user doesn’t want to receive any messages from the specific user. It may be a promotional message or a marketing spam but the motive is to block them anyhow. The procedure to block a contact is a hectic task to do that’s why we have provided an article i.e. How to Block a Contact on Outlook by which a user can do it by following the simple steps.

If you want to stop receiving the messages from a contact, you need to block them from your outlook account. Sometimes, this isn’t enough to cope with this issue. Outlook will stop receiving the messages whenever you also block an email from junk folder as well. In this composition, Outlook Customer Care is going to provide the simple steps to block a contact via mail residing in Junk Folder of your Outlook Account. The steps for this procedure are discussed below.


  • Log-in into your account using user ID and associated password.
  • Click on the Inbox tab from the left side of the screen, the Inbox section will be displayed containing all your received emails.
  • Click on the email from the contact whom you want to add in the block
  • Click on the Junk button from the top of the screen. The selected message will be added into junk If you want to add more messages to the junk folder, you can select them all using group selection.
  • Click on the Junk Folder from the left of the screen. A list of junk mail will be displayed which you have marked as junk messages.
  • Click on the email from the list which you want to block.
  • Now, click on the Not Junk button from the top, a new menu will be displayed. From here, you need to click on the Block button from the displayed menu.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed containing email address which asks you to confirm your action. Click on the Ok button to confirm.
  • You selected contact will be added to block senders list. It may take a few hours to save and activate the recent changes. So, keep patience.


Unable to Follow Up Discussed Procedure? Call the Experts

The above-discussed procedure is a bit technical for the new user. They may need technical assistance while resolving this issue. If you are also a new user and looking for a reliable solution, pick up the phone and contact the experts at Outlook Technical Support Phone Number USA +1-844-900-7666. Our experts have the solution for all your issues when you came across while using the services of Outlook. We not only provide solutions to issue but also help the user to clear all the queries and doubt regarding this platform.

How To Change Yahoo Mail Password?


In the today’s internet world, the privacy of an individual can be breached by a hacker or cybersecurity expert and the private information of the user can be used for false purposes.  They can extract your mobile number, E-mail account and linked data, bank account details, and many other private data which you do not want to share with anyone in this world.  You need to worry about this issue.


There are many solutions to cope with this problem. You can take help from any cyber expert and can use a good antivirus software product. In this article, Yahoo Technical Support Service will help you keep your private stuff private .i.e. by helping you to change your E-mail ID password regularly. The steps to change the Mail password on the desktop are discussed next.


  • Click on your name displayed at the right corner of the inbox screen. Click on the “Account Info” button from the displayed drop-down menu and then on “Account Security” tab.
  • You may need to re-enter the login information and click on the Next button. If you logged in recently into your account, you might not need to re-enter the data again.
  • At the right of the screen, a button named as “Change Password” will be displayed. A next page will be displayed where you can enter the data related to your log-in information.
  • Enter the password twice in a current page. You can also select displayed checkbox to view the text you are typing. This tool can help you a little bit to change your password by seeing it.
  • You can also enter Recovery mail in the respective edit box and click on “Looks Good” button. By clicking on this button, it will confirm your request to change the password and you would be returned to Yahoo inbox.



If you are unable to change the password, call the experts


If you have any issue while following the above steps or you have any other issue relate to Yahoo Mail which you want to resolve as soon as possible, feel free to call Yahoo Customer Service Number USA +1-844-900-7666. The experts of Yahoo Technical Support service are working 24/7 and eager to provide the best solution related to your issue. You can contact them without wasting a second.

How to Fix MagicJack Common Issues?

MagicJack is the best substitute for your landline telephone. It helps you save hundreds of dollars by making calls over the internet using your computer and telephone. Based on popular technology ‘VOIP’, it uses low bandwidth for making calls. Thus, it passes benefits to the users, they have to pay low monthly or annual charges to avail its services.



The experts at MagicJack Customer Support finds this device’s performance satisfactory, but there are also various flaws in the device and its service. These issues can hinder you from using this device to the best of its ability. So, fixing them at the earliest could be prudent. Let’s have a look at some of its common issues and its solutions.


Subscription Issues

MagicJack allows the users to make long and short distance calls at low monthly or annual packages. But the problems occur when the company charges your debit/credit card before the time. However, your money will be refunded if you decide not to use its services further. In case of delay in the refunding process, you can contact MagicJack Customer Support and take a clear information about it.


Connection Errors

Although this device is extremely easy to use, there are connection issues such as unable to make calls or the device has disconnected when your computer went into sleep mode. To overcome this situation, use a dedicated computer that remains powered on while connected to a USB device. 


 Also, placing MagicJack calls needs a high-speed internet connection. So, if you have lower bandwidth internet packages, you might experience low-quality calls. Upgrade your internet connection to a faster internet service or cut down internet usages while using the VOIP device for making a call. 


Security Issues

The MagicJack device works on VOIP technology that uses the pre-existing internet connection to make or receive calls. However, VOIP technology is a bit insecure, there may be the risk of phone tapping and leakage of sensitive information. To eliminate this risk, use firewall or robust internet security software to protect the VOIP connection from hackers.


Contact Experts For Better Assistance

Having various issues with your VOIP device? No worries now! Call on MagicJack Customer Service Number USA +1844-900-7666 and get all your issues resolved right away. The experts are 24/7 active in order to provide you with marvelous support services in the time of need. Feel free to call now!

How Can You Change MagicJack Phone Number Easily?

MagicJack is a piece of equipment that plugs into the USB port of a computer and let you make short and long distance calls for free. It is based on a popular technology called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) that operates using computer power and high-speed internet connection. However, the MagicJack device needs to be connected to your telephone number and must be linked to the new phone number in case you change the number.


It allows the users to change their numbers multiple times by paying a little amount. But the charges may increase after the first time change.


Here, MagicJack Support USA has represented the simple tips to accomplish this task easily. Have a look at these steps described below.

  • Open your preferred browser and navigate to the MagicJack account management page. Access your account using your email Id and password.
  • Click on “Forget password” link below the login button, if you forget your account password. It will send the code on your registered phone number. Follow the on-screen instruction to get know your previous password.
  • If you frequently forget your password then click on the option “Remind me by email” to retrieve it.
  • Locate the option “Add phone number” and click. Select your current number from the drop-down menu that you get, after clicking on “Add phone number” option.
  • Choose your current location that you want to identify with your new telephone number. Doing so, it will show you the area codes and prefix for that state. Select your area code from the given list.
  • Check out the summary page, you are still able to go back and change the information you have filled till this point. If all information is correct, click on the option “Checkout”.
  • Now, enter your payment details to pay the asked amount. You have successfully changed your number, log out your account now.


Contact Experts If You Still Have An Issue


Following these steps are rather simple, but the possibilities of the issues can’t be ignored. You might face various difficulties while following these steps. So, it will be prudent to get this task done under the observation of professionals. Make use of the toll-free MagicJack Customer Care Number USA (+18449007666) to call the experts for instant help. The highly-skilled and experienced support team are on hand 24/7 to resolve any issues or errors you encounter with your MagicJack device. Feel free to call now!

Fix Outlook Search When It Isn’t Working?

A Microsoft Outlook search function allows the users to find their long-lost messages in just a single click. But there are many times when the users find this function unresponsive and not working at all. There could be various reasons for this issue. But the experts at Outlook Technical Support understand that it can be easily fixed by following a few steps described below.


Rebuild the Outlook Index


Fix search issues by rebuilding your search result. You can do this by two methods, using the option “Program and feature” and “Outlook index repair menu”. Both are quick and effective methods, so it is worth applying to fix this issue. Let’s have a look at the first method.


  • Open the control panel. For this, just type “Control Panel” in the start menu and click on the result or open it from the computer screen if available.
  • Click the “Program” followed by the “Program and feature” option. Scroll down the list and choose Microsoft Outlook version that you are using.
  • Move to the top menu and select the option “Change”. Now choose “Quick repair” or “Online repair”. If you don’t have an internet connection, then you can go with “Quick repair” to fix the indexing issues.


Outlook Index Repair Menu Option


  • Log in your account and locate the option “File”. Click on this option followed by “Option” > “Search”. Choose “Indexing” next to the “Change the Outlook stored index” followed by “Advance”.
  • A new window will open, click on the “Rebuild” option next to the “Delete and rebuild index”. You are done with this task now.

Furthermore, there is a quick method to check the indexing status. For this, open your account and choose “Search bar” then select “Search tab from the menu bar”. Now hit the “Search tools” and then “Indexing status”. Here, you can see the number of emails available in the index.


Apply these described methods to get rid of this issue. If you are having any issues or getting difficulty while following the process, then the best thing at this point is calling up experts by making use of Outlook Customer Care Number USA +1-844-900-7666. The professionals are active with round the clock services. So you can call up and get tech support instantly.